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Things to know

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Payment Requirements

Payment is due before work starts. Method of payment is Cash or Credit Card. Business can also pay by check. If paying by card we require an ID matching the card for security purposes.

Before tech arrives

Customer Please remember to lock up pets in areas the tech will be preforming work. Move any furniture or items that will hinder the work area. 

Heat safety

Due to the summer heat in some work areas your tech will evaluate the best and safest install procedures before or while onsite.

Confirmation required

Your assign tech will call 30 mins to 1 hour before arrival. The tech must receive confirmation before being dispatch to your location.

Chat online

We are here to help and make it easy to communicate with us. Chat on our web site, shoot over a text, or simply call..

On site evaluation

Once onsite your tech will evaluate the quoted services before starting. Additional charges may apply for out of scope work. Please consult with your tech.


Techs are required to wear protective mask, wash, & sanitize hands upon entering your home or office. As well as offer contactless payments. Temperatures are screened daily and if any flu-like symptoms are exhibited, they are not permitted to work until medically cleared.

    Our mission

    We’re obsessively passionate about the work we offer. Our mission is to help people with  installation needs. We believe in high exceptional service and  hard work is essential to any project.  Our team has professionally serving the Houston and surrounding areas for over 20 years. We believe there is a better way to offer services and strive to make each customer a happy one.

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