Things to know

Review your appointment

This is access to control your appointment View, reschedule, pause, or cancel.

Before tech arrives

Please remember to lock up pets, move furniture, or items that will hinder the work area. The tech will not be able to move heavy objects.

Chat online

We are here to help and make it easy to communicate. Chat online, shoot over a text, or simply call..

Heat Advisory

Please keep in mind summer is here and some installs require access to hot places. For the safety of the tech they may postpone work in certain situations.

Confirmation required

Your Tech will call 30 mins to 1 hour before arrival. Tech must receive confirmation before being dispatched.

Payment Requirements

Estimated payment is due before work starts. Payments accepted: Cash or Credit Card. Business can also pay by check. ID matching credit cards or checks are required.

On site evaluation

Once onsite your tech will evaluate the quoted services before starting. Please consult with your tech.

Covid-19 Procedures

 Techs are required to have protective mask, wash hands, & use sanitizer. No-contact paperwork and payment is used. Techs with cold like symptoms will stay home.

Please Call