Wiring Services

Wiring install input
  • Cat5e data cable is the most common data cable used for all internet devices. Speeds can reach up to 1 gigabit. Most residential service providers offer 1 gigabit speeds.
  • Cat6 data cable is capable of 10 gigabit speed. Good for business internet speeds and future proofing you residential home.

How many new lines needed?

  • Troubleshoot existing wiring issues, Date, Coax, or Data. Each data jack or room will count as one troubleshooting issue. If multiple issues 
  • Troubleshoot: Existing wiring Issues, Phone, Cable, Data.
  • Cat5e: Install new cable line (1gig speeds)
  • Cat6: Wiring (up to 10 gig speed) Used for computers, Game consoles, TVs, Internet, printers.
  • Coax: for cable modem, TV, internet wiring, antenna

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